Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh, We Still Have a Blog?

Nothing blogworthy has happened in the last 2 months, so I don't feel that bad. It's not like we moved, or had $14,000 worth of phones stolen from one of my stores, or saw Owen graduate from Preschool as co-valedictorian, or had an ultrasound for baby #3, or finally sold our house in Colorado, or watched Rhett grow up right before our eyes.



I guess all of that did happen. I've just been too lazy to blog about it. I blame Facebook. Again.

So here are the condensed versions:

We did move, but just across the neighborhood. Going from no yard to a huge yard has been great for the boys and the dog, and I really don't mind mowing the lawn.

We have surveillance footage of someone hopping over our counter in the mall, breaking open our locked cabinets, and stealing 50 cell phones. This all happened 20 minutes after the mall closed while mall security was riding around in a golf cart. Has he or any of his cronies been caught? No. Way to go Red Cliffs Mall Security and St. George Police Department! You guys are awesome!

Owen graduated from an amazing Preschool called Wee Wonders. He is now ready for Kindergarten. In fact, I think he's ready for first grade. He worked really hard and passed off everything they threw at him. I am very impressed with what he learned, because it wasn't that long ago that I was teaching Kindergarten, and I remember kids who couldn't recognize their own name, kids who couldn't hold a book properly, and kids who were afraid of the toilet. He is extremely excited to start school this Fall and move out of the house in 13 years.

We've heard the heartbeat for baby #3, and Kim's coworkers have given her an ultrasound at work. They couldn't find any boy parts, but we're not getting our hopes up for a girl, because the same thing happened last time with Rhett. The official ultrasound to find out if we're having a Pebbles or a Bam-Bam will be on August 1st. We both want a girl, but I wouldn't mind having a whole house full of boys if they all turned out as cool as Owen and Rhett.

Some of you know about the nightmares we've had with our house in Colorado, which include, but are not limited to: scorched grass, broken pipes, urine-soaked carpet, chewed up banisters/dog toys, and psycho hell-bound ex-renters. Shout hallelujah with us because the house finally sold. We are closing on it tomorrow. (Cross your fingers that nothing goes wrong last-minute.)

And here is proof that Rhett is growing up right before our eyes:

I'm not going to give any promises about blogging more regularly. I can't seem to keep those. So if you see me, and I haven't blogged in a while, just give me a swift drop-kick to the teeth and tell me to get my act together.