Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Return of Chester, Kitty, Orson, and Ralph

Remember this? <-------------------(Click on the word "this")

Well, we went back to the Family History Center and found another picture of our ancestors. I don't know how we missed it last year. This one looks like it was taken almost a year later than the first one we found. It seems they decided to clean up their lives too. Sometime in that year, they must have felt the outlaw life wasn't for them.

I am very curious about a few things in this picture. I'll have to do some more research, but it seems Chester and Kitty have something like an amusement park hand stamp on the back of their right hands. I also see something that looks very similar to a velcro strap by Ralph's neck. And I wonder why the photographer didn't tell Chester that his tie was falling off. Didn't they have to sit still for a long time to get a good picture back then? You'd think the photographer would've noticed. Oh well. Orson looks like he's turning into a little man, and Kitty looks pregnant. I'll have to look for some more pictures to see if a new baby shows up later.

As for us, we have some great news. For those of you that don't know yet, we found out we are having a girl in December! We have a few names in mind, but we are also open to suggestions, so feel free to comment and give us some ideas.