Thursday, August 30, 2007

And the Beat Goes On

I think it's funny that my last post was the shortest one I've ever done, but it generated the lengthiest comment list. I hate to break it off, but I've got some pregnancy news:

I believe our new baby is going to be a professional prankster or a magician. Kim went in for another appointment yesterday, and the doctor had the hardest time finding the heartbeat. The baby was either sneaking around in some dark recess of Kim's womb or performing some magical Houdini-ish heart-stopping trick. After rolling around on the examination table a few times, Kim found the right position for the doctor to hear the reassuring thumps. Kim was pretty worried, because she has been extremely sick the last week. The doctor let Kim listen to the heartbeat for a long time to let her know the baby was fine. In fact, she said by hearing the heartbeat, the chances of a miscarriage went down from 30% to 5%.

So we are at 10 1/2 weeks now. Everything is going very well except Kim's nausea. That should clear up soon though with this recent addition to Owen's prayers: "Please bless the baby that it won't make Mama puke."

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Footnote to the Last Post

9 weeks and 4 days from the last post was Fathers Day. Hmmmm.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Countdown Begins

Kim just called me! I had to work while she was getting her first ultrasound. The doctor thinks she is 9 weeks 4 days along. That gives us a March 22nd due date. The heart rate was 167. It's really really real now!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh Baby!

Now that Kim is in Colorado and has told her family in person, I can announce our news to the world...

We're going to have another baby!

As you can imagine, this came as a total shock to us. We never thought we'd ever have a baby on our own without the help of a needle full of hormones, a turkey baster, or an adoption lawyer. If you remember, the whole reason I started this blog was to keep everyone up to date on the adoption process. Now that process will be put on hold.

You are probably wondering, "What on earth happened to make Kim want to take a pregnancy test?" Here's the story:

Kim has been a night shift nurse ever since she graduated. I don't know how she does it, but she can stay up all night at work, come home and get some sleep, and then she's on a regular day schedule again. I think it was finally starting to wear her down. She had the opportunity to switch to day shifts at the hospital, so she snatched it up. She had been on day shift for about a month, but she seemed to be more exhausted than when she was on night shift. We couldn't figure out why. Then on Sunday, August 12th, she felt terrible. She was going to see a doctor the next day, and she knew he would ask her if she had taken a pregnancy test.

I was up at the crack of dawn Monday morning to help pick peaches at the stake orchard. On my way home, I stopped by the grocery store and bought the cheapest pregnancy test I could find. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that I knew would just slap our faces with rejection again. I got home, Kim was asleep on the couch, and Owen was watching Scooby Doo. I poured some cereal for myself and Owen, woke Kim up, and handed her the pregnancy test. Owen and I were chowing down on some Frosted Mini Spooners when I heard a soft voice come from the bathroom..."Chris?"

I walked to the bathroom, ready to console Kim for the umpteenth time, and I saw the positive result. Kim said she didn't want to get our hopes up, but that I should probably drive to the store and get another test. After lots of crying, hugging, and screaming, I calmed down enough to find the car keys and drove to the store again. I bought a 3 pack this time. Over the next couple of hours, all 4 tests were lined up with positive results. Everything was confirmed a few hours later with a blood test at the instacare clinic.

I apologize for the lengthy story, but I can't contain my joy right now. We had accepted the fact that we were probably never going to have kids again unless we adopted. Owen was a miracle, because every other time we tried the fertility medication, it failed. Now this baby is a miracle.

So this blog now takes a drastic turn. I will keep everyone up to date with the pregnancy. Who knows? We might still pursue adopting when this is all done. We felt so good about it, we can't just ignore it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Powells Went Down to Georgia

To my one or two faithful readers who are not family...bear with me on this one. It might be kind of long and boring for you. To my family members, I hope this post stirs up some nostalgia.

We had a great time down in Georgia during the last week of July. Kim and I hadn't been there since 1999. I'm glad we went down the same time as the Andersons. Owen absolutely loves spending time with his cousins.

The first day was spent exploring Dad's property.

We found a moth the size of Chloe's hand.

Then we found a turtle.
Garrett wanted to hold the turtle.

Walker wanted to hold the turtle.

Chloe wanted to hold the turtle.

Owen wanted to hold the turtle.
(Morgan was probably sleeping.)
(Brock was probably eating.)

That night we met some old friends, the Bolands, at Herb's Fish Restaurant.
(Don't ask me why I didn't get a single picture of any of the Bolands.)

How can you not smile when the smell of fried catfish is in the air?

Earlier that day, Kim, Mindy, and Morgan went shopping. Owen and I scored some cool Georgia Bulldogs hats.

The view behind the restaurant was amazing.

Peeing outside is pretty amazing too.

The next day, I got to go flying with Dad down to Mobile, Alabama.

I was pretty impressed with how effortlessly Dad flew that plane.

He couldn't control the weather though.
We had to avoid some rain clouds.
Motion sickness.
Not fun.

We couldn't land in Mobile soon enough.

After a quick bite at Po' Boys Chinese Palace, we were headed back to Georgia.

Then it was swim...



We probably spent as much time in the water as we did on land that week.

Owen is becoming quite the excellent swimmer.

Sunday afternoon, we went to visit Grandmother in the nursing home.
She just turned 99. She doesn't remember anyone anymore, but she seemed to really enjoy being around the kids.

4 generation picture

Uncle Daley and Aunt Mary just happened to show up the same time we were there.

After visiting with Grandmother, we went to Uncle Daley's to ride his 1930s restored tractors.

The kids had a blast.

Luckily, every kid got to ride on every tractor before a bone-rattling thunderstorm rolled through.
(Notice the dreary sky above the scary green-eyed cow.)

Tuesday, we went to Grandmother's house.

Driving up the dirt road brought back many memories.

The house where Dad was born.

I had to get a picture of the tree.

Front porch

Back porch

The pond

After Grandmother's house, we drove down to Warner Robins,the place of my birth. We stopped to put new flowers on Jeff's grave.

It's hard to believe he would be 40 years old. I wonder what he would have thought about his 16 nieces and nephews.

We had to drive by the old house...

...and the old school.

We wanted to eat at Po' Folks for lunch, but they went out of business.

There are about 100 other pictures I'd like to post, but it is getting late, so I will leave you with this message that was so eloquently put on a billboard on the road to Dad's house.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Holy shnikeys. We got back from Georgia last Wednesday, but I have been working 11 hour days since then. I am at our Cedar City store right now, and there's no customers at the moment, so I thought I'd finally do another blog. I was tagged on the Oh Me Oh Myers blog to do this one word response thingy. I'll ease back into the blogosphere with this list. I promise I'll do a post about our many adventures in Georgia as soon as I can get some free time at home with the digital camera. Enjoy this fine instrumental by my favorite band while you read. (The moron that made this audio code spelled the title of the song wrong. It's supposed to be Arco Arena.)

Yourself: surprising

Your partner: dependable

Your hair: waterproof

Your mother: gentle

Your father: concerned

Your favorite item: piano

Your dream last night: eating

Your favorite drink: chocolatemilk

Your dream car: this

Your dream home: mortgage-free

The room you're in right now: store

Your fear: roofs

Where you want to be in 10 years: healthier

Who you hung out with last night: Adriana Costa

You're not: mean

Wish list item: this

Last thing you did: activated

What are you wearing: tie

Favorite weather: Autumn

Favorite book: Holes

Last thing you ate: grapes

Your life: swamped

Your mood: anxious

Your best friend: wife

What are you thinking about right now: selling

Your car: lame

What are you doing at the moment: breathing

Relationship status: hitched

What's on TV: sports

Last time you laughed: 12:30pm