Wednesday, February 27, 2008

13 Days Early

Good news from "The Land of the Arch,"

That's better than carbs and starch...

Let's all hoot and howl

'Cause Rhett Mitchell Powell

Will be born on the 9th of March!

I know March 9th isn't St. Patrick's Day, but when we heard the news, I still felt like dancing to an Irish jig and writing a limerick.

That's right my friends. We have an official induction date. Unless Kim goes into labor extremely early, we know that boy #2 will be born on Sunday, March 9th. That's 13 days before his due date. 13 is my favorite number, so this must be a sign that Rhett is going to be a pretty cool kid.

I also know that many of you out there do not like the name Rhett. All I have to say about that is, frankly my dear...well, you know the rest. Be glad we didn't choose Bruce, Earl, Melvin, or Dewey.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Slothfuliciousness and Randomaticity

I haven't posted anything since February 4th? Wow. Sorry. A lot has happened since then. I've just been slothful in my blogging duties. Catching everyone up will make for a very random post.

First of all, there was a reunion of sorts last weekend here in St George. We had 22 people in our house at one point. Things got a little loud and out of hand, but no police were called so all is well. Kim's sister Melissa was about to leave for Iraq, but Kim couldn't travel anywhere due to the human being growing in her belly, so everyone came to our house to say goodbye to Missy. We had a blast playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero, eating at Golden Corral and Cafe Rio, and walking the ice covered trails at Zion National Park. (Click on the Annie and Rich link from my favorite bloggers list to see how fun the drive from Denver was for the Kunz clan.)

Owen started soccer on the 9th. He was the only kid that had 21 people there to support him.

Please enjoy these other random pictures from the reunion weekend:

Valentine's Day came and went in a hurry. Kim got me season 6 of the show "24" on DVD. I got her American Idol for the Wii. Owen got a Hershey's kiss the size of his skull.

Did anyone else watch the NBA dunk contest this year? I haven't seen one that good in a long time.

Owen will hate me for this later, but I present to you our son, sitting on the toilet, sans pants, wearing a shower cap.

We finally decided to do something about our dead Dodge Neon that has been sitting in our driveway since Thanksgiving. We posted it on and had 2 responses within 2 days. The first lady wasn't serious. The second guy drove all the way down from Orem and bought it from us. He was probably an illegal alien planning to trade it for drugs or body parts, but the transaction was completed without incident, and we now have a spot for the Scion.

Goodbye forever Nan the Neon. We will not miss you.

Everything is going very well for us right now. The stores are selling lots of phones, Kim is 35 weeks pregnant and doing great, and Owen is always happy. Now if only I could keep a regular blogging schedule.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow in St. George?

A much more creative title was used on the Hirschi Kiss blog. For those of you that don't know, Peter and Laura are friends from our ward here in St George.

Kim, Owen, and I spent some good quality family time in the garage on Sunday night. Why? Because the dish on our roof was filled with heavy, wet snow. Yes, that's right. We listened to the last 5 minutes of the Super Bowl on the car radio because we could not get a TV signal. Who would have thought that the Patriots would lose on the same day St. George, Utah gets blanketed with snow? Luckily, ESPN radio expanded to our neck of the woods a few months ago.

Owen had a blast playing in the snow the next morning, as you can see on the video. We went to a park that overlooks our neighborhood to try and get some rare snow-covered St. George pictures.

The clouds are hiding the mountains off in the distance.

Someone else built these snowmen before we got there.

Owen with a mouthful of the cold stuff.