Friday, July 25, 2008

The Boys of Summer

The St. George Roadrunners are a local baseball team here from the Golden Baseball League. I'm sure you've heard of them. Or maybe you've heard of some of the other teams in the league, like the Yuma Scorpions? The Reno Silver Sox? The Edmonton Cracker Cats? Well, we went to the game last night against the Orange County Flyers. I called in to the local sports radio station and stumped the host with a sports trivia question, so he gave me 4 tickets.

Owen had a blast looking for the mascots. We're pretty special down here. We had two mascots to chase around. Saturn posed for a picture, but we never caught up to Reggie.

For those of you that don't know, yesterday was Pioneer Day here in Utah. It's a pretty big thing. It's almost as big as the 4th of July. I won tickets to the game on the perfect night, because after the Roadrunners won 15-7, they put on the longest and best fireworks show I have ever seen in my life. I am not kidding. It was pretty impressive. Owen couldn't control himself and was laughing uncontrollably for the first 5 or 6 minutes. Rhett was just as enthralled. We couldn't believe he didn't get scared with all the loud bangs. We were so mesmerized by the show, we forgot to get the camera out. This morning, I was asking Rhett if he had fun last night watching the fireworks show, and Owen said, "It wasn't a fireworks show Dad. It was a fireworks movie!"

Here's a picture of Rhett getting some sleep so he could be ready for the fireworks:

We had so much fun. I think we'll make this a Pioneer Day tradition as long as we're here in St. George.

Other blogworthy news:
Samsung is having a sales rewards program where you can earn points to redeem for thousands of different things. I sold enough Samsung phones to get Owen his first bike, and I also got Rhett a Jumperoo.

Yes, I actually put this thing together.

Rhett loves his Jumperoo so much, he even sleeps in it sometimes.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nine? Really?

There once was a girl so fine.
I wanted her to be mine.
We went on a date.
It wasn't too late
'Til she hung me out on the line.

My heart was completely shattered,
Utterly bruised, and battered.
How could she possibly
Do this to me?
Nothing else really mattered.

A few weeks passed, and then
She came to her senses when
She came up to talk.
We went for a walk,
And the fire was kindled again.

I'm so glad she changed her mind.
A better girl I could not find.
I got down on my knee.
She said, "Yessiree!"
And the marriage certificate was signed.

Today marks our ninth year of bliss.
Kim, I must tell you this:
I'm excited for
An eternity more.
I'll love you forever. Love, Chris

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This Is What It's All About

Forget that I just fired someone else last week. Forget the stress that comes with church responsibilities. Having fun with the family is what life is all about.

There's a new place in town called Jumpin' Jacks. It's a warehouse filled with inflatable slides and jumping castles. Owen and I had a blast.

We finished the night off with blue coconut slushes from Sonic.

Rhett got a new Bumbo seat. These things are awesome. He loves being able to sit up straight and see what's going on.

And keeping with a long-standing tradition of lip syncing videos that stems from my high school days, here is Owen's first go at it. (Josh, I still have the video of us doing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" when I was wearing your sister's dress.)