Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here's the Proof

Sorry this video is so long, but there was no other way to prove that this 50-month-old really can pass medium songs on Guitar Hero. Owen has skills.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Has there ever been an Easter this early before?

Did you know the last time Easter was this early was in 1913? And it won't be this early again until the year 2160? Just thought you all might like to know that.

Now to the cute pictures of the kids. By the way, I love that I can say "kids".
We decided to go the sticker route this year with the eggs.

Owen and Rhett scored some sweet stuff in their Easter baskets. Owen pretty much gets all of Rhett's stuff, so he's twice as happy. Owen also got to find all of the hidden Easter eggs this morning. Rhett didn't seem to mind.

Rhett turns two weeks old today.

Does he look any bigger?


Thank you for the great blanket, Kate. (Notice the last of Rhett's umbilical cord hanging on for dear life.)

We found this great shirt for Owen. He can wear it proudly while rocking out to Guitar Hero. He seriously does rock out. He passed a song on medium the other day.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Look Says It All

What else can I say? Rhett is a happy baby.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Owen and Rhett

So far so good. Owen loves his new little brother. I hope it continues once Rhett figures out how to steal Owen's toys. Things also might change once Owen realizes he has to start sharing his Gogurts.

Watch this video to find out Owen's favorite thing about Rhett:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Have You Met Rhett Yet?

Rhett Mitchell Powell
5 lbs. 9 oz.
19 inches
March 9th, 2008

Now that we're home, I wanted to do a more official announcement for Rhett. Here he is in his Dixie Regional Medical Center shirt.He's being a little cheeky right now. He won't give us a really good picture, and he's decided he doesn't want to eat very much. He's also a little jaundiced, so we have to take him out in the sun today. We've got a follow-up appointment tomorrow to check his bilirubin levels.

He's a pretty small guy. It's amazing how big Owen seems now that Rhett is here.

Everyone is pretty tired, but we're all extremely thrilled to have this little miracle in our lives now.

The doctor said this was one of the longest umbilical cords he's ever seen.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I don't know why this one didn't come through the first time. This picture was taken when Owen and Rhett met for the first time.

Going Home

We're all set to go home. Everyone is doing great. Kim and Rhett were both champions. Owen loves his little brother. I'm unshowered and exhausted.

Good Morning!

Rhett hasn't quite figured the whole eating thing out yet, but he has latched on a few times. He didn't cry during the night at all. He's a very content little guy. His hair is so much lighter than Owen's was. He also doesn't have as prominent of a dimple in his chin. I think we'll keep him.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bath Time

He doesn't seem to like it.


Announcing Rhett Mitchell Powell. 5 lbs 9 oz.

I Spoke Too Soon

The doc just came and said Kim is actually between a 7 and an 8. They put a towel on the ground, so they must expect things to move a little faster now.

March 10th?

Rhett is being pretty stubborn. Or maybe he's just lazy. Either way, it looks like his birthday will be on the 10th now instead of the 9th. Kim is still only at a 5. She thinks that maybe he's wrapped up in a short umbilical cord. The doctor is coming in soon to give Rhett a scalp monitor and try to figure out why he's not dropping.

Slow Going

Kim is still only dilated to a 5. I'm going to spank Rhett's bum as soon as I see it.

Shift Change

We've got some new nurses now. Kim is dilated to a 5. I predict Rhett will be born at 10:13pm.

First Visitors

Kim just took this picture of me, Owen, Courtney, and JoEllyn. She's dilated to a 4. Things are moving pretty slowly.

She's Human!

Here's Kim right before getting an epidural. She didn't get one when Owen was born. I thought she was some super-human cyborg or something. I guess this proves she is mortal like the rest of us. Her pain tolerance is still light years ahead of mine though.

A River Runs Through It

The water is broken. We can't turn back now.

More Than Meets the Eye

Man, I love transformers. Kim's bed transforms into this cool chair-like structure.

We're in!

We got the call! Here we go!

cell phone updates

Hello everyone. I'm going to take pictures with my cell phone and send them to the blog as the day progresses. We found out this morning that Kim needed a dose of penicillin before they would induce her. Labor and delivery hasn't called Kim in yet, so she took matters into her own hands. Here she is at the NICU. Her coworkers started the dose for her. It was pretty funny seeing a bunch of baby nurses trying to start an i.v. on an adult.